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$1.2 Million Dollar Settlement Obtained for Family in Scottsdale Car Accident

By: Scottsdale Injury Lawyers LLC April 16, 2023 no comments

$1.2 Million Dollar Settlement Obtained for Family in Scottsdale Car Accident

Our Scottsdale car accident attorneys are pleased to announce a $1.2 million dollar settlement. The settlement was obtained for a Scottsdale family following a serious car crash. Specifically, for a mother and her adult son that sustained serious injuries.

Actual photo of clients’ vehicle damage from police file.


The mother suffered life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized for over a month. The son suffered orthopedic injuries that also required hospitalization and surgery. The car accident was caused by the father who was driving his adult son and wife.

Details of the Scottsdale Car Accident

The family was returning from church in their family vehicle. The father was driving. The mother was riding in back and their adult son was riding in the front passenger seat.

The collision occurred at the intersection of E. Redfield Road and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. The father attempted to execute a left turn onto Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. However, he made a mistake and thought that traffic on Frank Lloyd Wright had cleared. It had not. The error resulted in a serious multi-vehicle collision.

Actual photo of crash scene from police file. 


A driver was travelling on Frank Lloyd Wright who the father did not see. As the family turned left, that driver crashed into the side of their vehicle at a high rate of speed. The initial impact sent the family’s vehicle spiraling into the road before making contact with another vehicle that was also on the roadway. This second collision then caused the family’s vehicle to be launched off the road and into a large saguaro cactus.

The Injuries Sustained by the Mother in the Scottsdale Car Accident

The mother sustained catastrophic injuries as a result. Unlike her younger and healthier family members, her 74-year-old body was simply too fragile to withstand the forces of the collision. She sustained serious blunt abdominal trauma and several broken bones.

When emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene she was in apparent distress and reported severe pain in her chest. Medical personnel believed she may be experiencing a heart attack. They then rushed her to the emergency department of a nearby hospital.

At the emergency room, several diagnostic procedures were performed. She was diagnosed with an open wound to her left breast, several fractured ribs, a fractured sternum and internal injuries to her organs. These were life-threatening injuries. As a result, she was transported to a local trauma center. She was then put in the intensive care unit.

Photo of the client while at the ICU.


She remained hospitalized for over thirty days. During her time in the ICU, she underwent multiple surgeries. These surgeries were needed due to significant internal trauma and resulting complications.

She also underwent a surgical procedure for an abscess that developed on her left breast. It resulted in an open wound. A wound vacuum was administered to help with the healing process. Eventually, her condition stabilized and she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

She underwent physical and occupational therapy programs at the rehab facility. She was ultimately discharged from the hospital six weeks after the crash. Though her condition was stable enough for her to return home, she was still severely disabled and was required to participate in an at-home rehabilitation program for the next ten weeks.

The Injuries Sustained by the Son in the Accident

The son was 32 years old on the day of the crash. Immediately after the accident, he attempted to exit the vehicle but was unable to stand and collapsed to the ground. He then waited helplessly on the ground until emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

Emergency personnel placed him onto a backboard where full cervical spinal precautions were taken. He was administered pain medication. He was then transported to the emergency room by ambulance.

At the hospital, diagnostic scans were performed. Those scans showed that he had a closed fracture of his left femur and a bimalleolar fracture of his right tibia and fibula. In other words, his left thigh bone had been fractured as well as both the bones in his lower left leg.

An orthopedic surgeon advised that surgery would be required for both his upper and lower leg. Unfortunately, due to the swelling and muscular damage sustained to his lower leg, only his thigh bone could be operated on initially. It was recommended that the ankle surgery trail in the following weeks.

Actual photo from police file of vehicle involved in crash.


A metal rod was installed in the son’s thigh bone to put it back into anatomical alignment. This was a major operation which required him to undergo general anesthesia. A large incision was made and a 11.5 mm titanium rod was hammered into place inside of his femur.

The son remained hospitalized for an additional week following the surgery. During this time, he received occupational and physical therapy. He was then discharged with instructions to return two weeks later for the surgery on his lower leg.

Like the surgery on his thigh bone, this was an open reduction, internal fixation, surgery with hardware. Incisions were made in his lower leg to access his bones. From there, a titanium plate and several screws were installed.

The son remained in the hospital for five days following the surgery for additional treatment. Eventually, he was discharged home. Initially, he was confined to a wheelchair. When his damaged leg could finally bear weight, he began the rehabilitation process. He underwent in-home physical therapy for several months following the surgeries.

The Insurance Company Refused to Pay Full Benefits

We asserted a claim against the father for the injuries he caused to his wife and son. The entire family agreed that it was in the best interests of all involved to do so. However, the insurance company sought to pay much less than the full benefits available.

The insurance company hired attorneys to fight paying the benefits owed. Their attorneys claimed that only $100,000 was available for the son’s injuries and that only $100,000 was available for the mother’s injuries. The total combined amount the insurance company claimed was payable was $200,000.

Our Scottsdale Car Accident Attorneys Fought to Secure a Seven Figure Recovery

The insurance company’s attorneys sought to enforce exclusions in the insurance contract. These exclusions would allow them to pay very little. We fought the insurance company’s attorneys and won.

After months of legal analysis, argument and negotiations, we were able to obtain the full amount of benefits available under the insurance agreement. That amount totaled $1.2 million dollars. Lesser attorneys would have believed what the insurance company’s attorneys said. They would not have fought for full compensation and instead moved on to the next case and claim.

Our Car Accident Attorneys Will Not Let Clients Be Underpaid

Our car accident attorneys will not let our clients be taken advantage of by insurance companies. Simply put, our attorneys will fight for every dollar and not let our clients be “short-changed.” This is true regardless of the amount at stake.

Once we agree to take a client’s case, we will fight to get them every dime they deserve. That is true whether that is an extra 1 million dollars, like in the case discussed here, or simply $5,000 in a case with lesser injuries. Indeed, our firm often files lawsuits, even when the injuries are not severe, only because we believe that the insurance company is low-balling our clients.

Once our law firm agrees to take a case, we are making a commitment to the client to fight for fair compensation. Often times, the extra work involved for us, does not make business sense. However, it is a promise we made that we believe we must keep. This is what separates us from the billboard law firms who do not litigate cases.

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