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Charles Tony Piccuta Attends Traumatic Brain Injury Med/Legal Conference in San Diego

On February 23rd and 24th, Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Charles Tony Piccuta, attended a medical legal conference on traumatic brain injuries in San Diego, California. Piccuta was one of few Arizona attorneys who made the trip to attend the two day conference. The conference consisted of over 14 hours of presentations and lectures from some of the brightest minds in medical research, medical treatment and representation of clients with traumatic brain injuries.

Scottsdale Injury Lawyers regularly represents individuals who sustain brain injuries. Brain injuries commonly result from motor vehicle accidents. The injuries can be a mild traumatic brain injury—such as a concussion, to a severe brain injury which results in serious cognitive defects, deterioration of motor-functioning and memory loss. Our firm currently handles several cases involving brain injuries sustained by clients and we have significant experience handling these cases.

The two day conference included legal presentations and medical lectures on: neuro-cognitive impairment, eye-tracking analysis, long term effects of traumatic brain injuries, diagnostic challenges in mild brain injuries, understanding brain injuries as a disease process, CTE, advanced imaging techniques for evaluating brain injuries, among other topics important to presenting brain injury cases to a jury.

The network of attorneys at Scottsdale Injury Lawyers constantly strive to stay up to date in the latest developments in the law and medicine. We regularly attend conferences and seminars to improve our practice and sharpen our trial skills. If you or a loved one needs a skilled attorney to handle your case, contact Scottsdale Injury Lawyers today.

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