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Charles Tony Piccuta Travels to Stanford to Take Sworn Statement of Renowned Surgeon

On February 13, 2018, Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Charles Tony Piccuta, traveled to Stanford Hospital in California’s Silicon Valley. Piccuta went to Stanford to take the sworn statement of world-famous orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Lowenberg, M.D. Dr. Lowenberg is the former Chief of Stanford Hospital’s Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Unit and specializes in trauma surgery, bone non-unions and osteomyelitis.

Dr. Lowenberg is the treating surgeon for a client of the firm who was severely injured as the result of a motorcycle collision. The firm’s client was a passenger on a motorcycle that was hit by a car. The collision resulted in the near severing of her left leg and an open tibia-fibula fracture. The client underwent six surgeries to her leg and was facing a below knee amputation before seeking out input from the experts at Stanford.

Dr. Lowenberg performed a series of surgeries in an effort to eliminate a persistent bone infection and to save the client’s leg. The surgery involved a five month period where the client had to wear an external fixator device. An actual picture of the device on the client’s leg is below.

Piccuta sued both the driver of the vehicle and the motorcycle driver on behalf of the client. The client is still recovering from her latest surgery and her prognosis is good. The case is set for trial on April 30, 2018. The sworn statement of Dr. Lowenberg, M.D. was recorded by video and will be played for the jury at trial. The firm expects a seven figure recovery for its client.

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