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Scottsdale Injury Lawyers LLC – 2018 Year In Review Highlights

As 2018 draws to a close, Scottsdale Injury Lawyers, looks back at the accomplishments and achievements attained throughout the year. Below are the ten most memorable events of 2018:

  1. Lead personal injury attorney, Tony Piccuta, wins a motorcycle accident jury trial and obtains a 1.925 million dollar verdict. The case involved a dispute over liability and the trial lasted two weeks. The jury rendered a unanimous decision in favor of the firm’s client awarding her enough to secure her financial future.
  2. Scottsdale Injury Lawyers obtain a $550,000 settlement in a Maritime lawsuit against a charter fishing boat company. The firm’s client, who is from Scottsdale, Arizona, was struck in the eye with a fishing weight while on a charter fishing trip. The client was rendered blind in the injured eye as a result. By filing the lawsuit under admiralty jurisdiction, the firm was able to obtain a favorable settlement despite case law which held that the client’s claim should be barred for assuming the risk associated with an inherently dangerous activity.
  3. Scottsdale Injury Lawyers settles auto defect lawsuit for $675,000. Working with co-counsel, claims were advanced for the children and parents of a young woman who was killed in a car accident. The case was difficult as the young woman was at fault for causing the collision and the claim advanced was for the failure to install relatively new airbag technology. Despite these challenges, the case was settled not long after a lawsuit was filed advancing the product defect claims.
  4. Injury attorney, Tony Piccuta, settles car accident case for the available $150,000 policy limits. A lawsuit was filed for the client after he was rear ended on the freeway and suffered significant injuries. The other driver claimed that the client cut into his lane causing the collision. A lawsuit was filed and the sworn statement (deposition) of the other driver was taken. The case then settled before trial for the maximum insurance policy limits.
  5. The firm completed briefing on a motion for summary judgment in a police brutality, excessive force, case against a Maricopa County Sheriff deputy. The client was at an entertainment themed restaurant in Tempe, Arizona when he was approached by the deputy who was working private security. The deputy slammed the client to the ground causing a 3 inch laceration on his forehead and giving him a brain injury. The case was filed in the United States District Court of Arizona. The deputy and restaurant filed a motion for summary judgment to end the case without a jury trial. The firm opposed it and is awaiting a ruling.
  6. Scottsdale Injury Lawyers settles Maricopa County car accident case for Scottsdale mother and daughter injured in intersection car accident. The firm filed suit on behalf of the clients after receiving a low-ball settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The at fault driver claimed he was not at fault. After sworn statements were taken, the case was resolved for more than two and a half times the initial settlement offer.
  7. Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Tony Piccuta, attends advanced trial skills, continuing legal education course in Phoenix, Arizona. The immersive three-day course was well-attended by other skilled trial attorneys from across the country. The course focused on teaching presentation methods that allow trial attorneys to “paint a picture” for the jury and allow them to “see” the scene being described by the witnesses and evidence.
  8. Lead injury attorney, Tony Piccuta, gains admission to the American Association of Justice. The American Association of Justice is an organization where membership is only allowed to attorneys who represent Plaintiffs. The organization provides a support network for attorneys who represent victims of negligence. The organization actively opposes legislative efforts by big corporations and insurance companies seeking to cut off the rights of consumers and the injured.
  9. Tony Piccuta was recognized by Super Lawyers for a sixth straight year. The recognition received is afforded to less than 2.5% of all attorneys. The recognition is based upon a peer review process with other stringent qualifying criteria.
  10. Scottsdale Injury Lawyers settles police brutality, excessive force, civil rights case against Veteran Affairs Police Officers and the United States. The firm resolved the lawsuit that it filed on behalf of a veteran who was battered by Veterans Affairs police officers at the Veteran Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The case was filed in the United States District Court of Arizona and resolved after successful negotiations with the United States Attorneys Office.
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