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Scottsdale Injury Lawyers has Attorneys Licensed to Practice in Both Arizona and California

The founding attorney of Scottsdale Injury Lawyers, LLC is Tony Piccuta. Piccuta is licensed in both California and Arizona. Piccuta took and passed the bar exams for Arizona, California, Illinois and Nevada and passed all of those exams on his first try.  As an attorney licensed in both Arizona and California, Piccuta is able to appear and file lawsuits in all California courts. As such, if any Arizona resident is injured in California, Piccuta is able to represent those Arizona residents in a lawsuit there.

When asked about his ability to practice in California, Piccuta said “A lot of Arizona residents travel to California for vacation or business. If an Arizona resident is hurt in California, they are usually forced to hire an attorney in California who they cannot meet with here. I like being able to help Arizonans locally with problems they may encounter in the state next door.”

While there may be other attorneys in Arizona who also have a license to practice in California, Piccuta is different. Piccuta maintains an active California practice and regularly handles cases both in Arizona and California. That is an important factor to consider when hiring an attorney. Although an attorney may be licensed to practice in a state, if he does not regularly practice there, he will likely be unfamiliar with the laws, courts, and details required to effectively handle the case.

Currently, Piccuta is handling a case for an Arizona resident who lost his eye when it was struck by a sinker on a fishing charter trip on the Pacific Ocean. Piccuta filed a lawsuit alleging negligence against the charter company, the boat owner and the boat captain for their negligence. The lawsuit was filed in the federal court in downtown Los Angeles on behalf of the firm’s client who lives in Maricopa County.

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