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Tony Piccuta Attends Advanced Trial Skills Workshop in Phoenix

On April 12-15, 2018, Tony Piccuta of Scottsdale Injury Lawyers attended an advanced trial skills workshop in Phoenix. The demanding four-day program taught cutting-edge strategies to help trial lawyers communicate the facts of a case to jurors. The skills learned are designed to help the jury see the facts being described through the mind of the person telling the story. If used correctly, the jury should be transported to the scene being described and should be able to view the story as images in their minds.

The program is the Trojan Horse Method and was taught by attorney and founder Dan Ambrose. It was the 52nd training workshop of its kind and is only offered to attorneys that represent victims. No attorneys that defend big corporations, for-profit companies, or insurance companies are allowed to attend. The program is currently being introduced to trial lawyers throughout the nation, and it is for advanced practitioners. The workshop covered topics including issue framing, case themes, witness preparation, effective argument, and compelling witness examinations.

Tony Piccuta is a skilled trial lawyer who is constantly striving to refine his trial practice. At Scottsdale Injury Lawyers, we believe that you only receive the full value of a case when you are willing to go to trial. If you need an attorney, who has a proven trial record and will maximize the value of your case, contact Scottsdale Injury Lawyers today.

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