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Tony Piccuta Wins Jury Trial Involving Motorcycle Crash—Unanimous Verdict for $1.925 Million Dollars

This week, Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Tony Piccuta, won a motorcycle accident jury trial. The defendant contested fault in the crash and argued that he was not responsible. Trial lasted six days, but it only took the jury 4 hours to find in favor of the client. The jury found the defendant responsible and awarded the client damages.

The jury rendered a unanimous verdict of 12-0. The jury awarded the client $1.925 Million dollars total. The award consisted of $425,000 in past pain and suffering and 1.5 Million in future pain and suffering.

The case was defended by Sentry Insurance. Sentry put on an elaborate defense including employing an accident reconstruction and biomechanics expert. Sentry also developed a computer animation that purportedly proved that the defendant was not at fault for causing the crash. The accident reconstruction expert was one of the top experts in the industry who regularly testifies for Ford Motor Vehicle Company in its high profile automobile roll-over and catastrophic injury and death cases.

Piccuta did not call his own accident reconstruction expert at trial. Instead, he relied on skillful and clever cross examination to expose the expert and show the jury that his “scientific” explanation was inconsistent with the physical evidence. Piccuta called over ten witnesses in his case in chief.

Piccuta pictured with client after receiving the verdict 

This is Piccuta’s third jury verdict in the last 15 months.  He obtained a $240,000 jury verdict in a Maricopa County, rear-end, car accident, case last spring. He also obtained a $130,000 jury verdict in a prisoner civil rights case in federal court last May. In the Maricopa County car accident case, the highest offer prior to trial was approximately $25,000 and Piccuta defeated a defense attorney from Farmers  Insurance who had a reputation for repeatedly winning low impact, rear end cases.  In the civil rights case, there was no settlement offered by the State attorneys prior to trial. After getting the verdict, Piccuta settled the case for $420,000 by reaching an agreement to release other claims and vacate the judgment.

Piccuta’s next two trials are set for later this year. One is a car accident case in Maricopa County Superior Court where the clients were involved in a Scottsdale car accident causing injuries. The other case is in Arizona federal court and involves claims for excessive force against the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office and negligent security by the Main Event restaurant located in Tempe, Arizona.

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