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Scottsdale Injury Lawyers Reaches Confidential Six Figure Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

By: Scottsdale Injury Lawyers LLC December 16, 2021 no comments

Scottsdale Injury Lawyers Reaches Confidential Six Figure Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

On December 15, 2021, Scottsdale Injury Lawyers negotiated a confidential six figure settlement at a court-ordered mediation. The settlement involved a slip and fall case. The firm’s client slipped and fell while shopping at a retail store. The fall was caused by a clear liquid that was left on the floor. The fall caused the client to fall backward. The client broke bones which required surgical repair with hardware.

Prior to hiring our firm, the client attempted to resolve the claim herself directly with the store. The client was put in touch with a representative from the store’s insurance company. The insurance adjuster gave the client the run around. The client’s calls were not returned and she was offered nothing for her medical expenses, pain and suffering.

After our firm was hired, the insurance company was contacted and a demand was made to resolve the claim fairly. The insurance company refused. The insurance company claimed they were not responsible for the liquid left on the floor. Our firm requested the evidence they claimed proved this. Nothing was provided. Our slip and fall attorneys were told they only provide evidence when forced to in a lawsuit. No offer was made by the insurance company for our client’s injuries and damages.

Our Scottsdale Slip and Fall Attorneys Filed a Slip and Fall Lawsuit  

Our slip and fall attorneys filed a lawsuit because the store and insurance company refused to offer fair compensation. The lawsuit sought over $70,000 in past medical expenses and additional amounts for future medical expenses. The lawsuit also sought money for the client’s pain, suffering, inconvenience and permanent injury.

During the lawsuit, it was discovered that the store did not have surveillance footage of the fall. Likewise, the store did not have any surveillance footage of how the liquid was placed on the ground. In short, the store had nothing to prove it was not responsible or that someone else was responsible instead. This was contrary to the insurance company claiming that they were not responsible prior to filing the lawsuit.

It was also discovered that pictures were taken of the liquid on the floor after the client fell. This was pursuant to store policy. The policy required that the pictures be uploaded to a database and preserved as evidence. However, the pictures were never produced and the store claimed that they were lost by the employee who took them.

A Substantial Settlement Was Obtained for the Slip and Fall Claim

A confidential six-figure settlement was reached. The settlement is life-changing for the client. The settlement was a great result because the insurance company was denying liability and initially refused to pay anything. However, through the hard work of our Scottsdale slip and fall lawyers we were able to hold the store accountable and make the insurance company pay for our client’s damages.

 The Client Was Grateful for the Work Our Slip and Fall Attorneys Did On Her Slip and Fall Case

The client was very happy with the work our slip and fall lawyers did on her case. The client personally came to the office to pick up her settlement check and thanked everyone who helped achieve the result. The client also left a five-star review on google to show her appreciation.

Contact an Experienced Scottsdale Slip and Fall Attorney to Handle Your Slip and Fall Case              

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a slip and fall or trip and fall, contact one of the experienced slip and fall attorneys at Scottsdale Injury Lawyers today. Our personal injury attorneys have experience handling all types of slip and fall cases. This includes slip and falls and trip and falls involving or occurring on or at: private property, outdoors, public parks, retail stores, residential homes and commercial businesses. A consultation is free and we only earn a fee if we recover for you. There is zero risk and you owe us nothing unless we win your case.

About the author: The content on this page was provided by Scottsdale personal injury attorney and civil rights lawyer Tony Piccuta. Piccuta graduated with honors from Indiana University-Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana (Previously Ranked Top 35 US News & World Report).  Piccuta took and passed the State bars of Arizona, California, Illinois and Nevada (all on the first try). He actively practices throughout Arizona and California. He is a trial attorney that regularly handles serious personal injury cases and civil rights lawsuits. He has obtained six and seven figure verdicts in both state and federal court. He has been recognized by Super Lawyers for six years straight. He is a member of the Arizona Association of Justice, Maricopa County Bar Association, Scottsdale Bar Association, American Association for Justice, National Police Accountability Project and Consumer Attorneys of California, among other organizations.

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