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Discovery Begins In Case Involving Phoenix Resident Who Lost Sight on Sportfishing Charter

Discovery began this week in a case where Tony Piccuta of Scottsdale Injury Lawyers, LLC represents a Phoenix resident who lost sight in his right eye. Discovery is the process...

Charles Tony Piccuta Attends Traumatic Brain Injury Med/Legal Conference in San Diego

On February 23rd and 24th, Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Charles Tony Piccuta, attended a medical legal conference on traumatic brain injuries in San Diego, California. Piccuta was one of few Arizona...

Charles Tony Piccuta Selected by Super Lawyers for Sixth Straight Year

On February 14, 2018, Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Charles Tony Piccuta was recognized by Super Lawyers for a sixth straight year. Super Lawyers is a credential designation that recognizes attorneys who...

Charles Tony Piccuta Travels to Stanford to Take Sworn Statement of Renowned Surgeon

On February 13, 2018, Scottsdale Injury Lawyer, Charles Tony Piccuta, traveled to Stanford Hospital in California’s Silicon Valley. Piccuta went to Stanford to take the sworn statement of world-famous orthopedic...
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