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Piccuta Reaches $80,000 Settlement in Case Involving Wrongful Sale of Storage Unit

On July 9, 2018, Scottsdale injury lawyer, Tony Piccuta, reached an $80,000 settlement against a storage facility on behalf of his client. The client had rented a unit in the storage facility where she kept many of her personal belongings and keepsakes. The client had timely made payments for more than eight years when she received a call from the owners of the facility advising that they had sold the contents of her unit at auction.

The facility owners claimed that they errantly sold the contents of the unit when they intended to sell the contents of another unit that was delinquent on rent. The client claimed that she had several antiques and collectibles in the unit as well as photographs of her son and family which were irreplaceable. Piccuta demanded that the client be made whole for her loss, but was told that the owners of the facility only had $10,000 in insurance.

Piccuta refused to accept $10,000 for his client’s loss and filed a lawsuit to pursue the owners personally. In the lawsuit, Piccuta advanced claims for breach of contract, negligence and conversion. Mediation was scheduled shortly after the initial stages of the lawsuit were completed. At the mediation, Piccuta successfully negotiated a settlement of $80,000—eight times that of what was originally offered. The owners agreed to pay $35,000 in a lump sum with the remaining payments to be made in installments.

Although Piccuta specializes in accident injury cases and civil rights cases involving police excessive force, he is willing to take on any case where someone is harmed due to the wrongful acts of another. If you suffered an injury, either physical or monetary, due to no fault of you own, contact Scottsdale Injury Lawyers, LLC today. One of our attorneys will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your case and advise you of your options.

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